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Adding Modules to Your Project

Learn how to add modules to your project and take advantage of pre-built code on Crowdbotics

Modules on Crowdbotics are a great way to save yourself development time by utilizing our pre-built code to flesh out your project. 


What is a shareable module? A shareable module is a self-contained piece of reusable code designed to be used across multiple Crowdbotics projects. Modules are structured as a set of files and folders, generally written in React Native and/or Django.

What are modules used for? Modules provide a robust, easy to use set of building blocks for many common features you’ll encounter building an application. Because they are reusable, modules provide a simple, clean way to avoid rewriting application code over and over again. Rather than rebuilding the same feature for every project, modules empower you to reuse code and save time so that you can focus on the more interesting parts of building software.

How can I use modules?

  • To install a module in your project, start by clicking on the modules tab from the Storyboard panel of the Crowdbotics dashboard.
  • Drag and drop a module onto your app.
  • Once your module is on the storyboard, click and drag between the white dots to create a link between screens.
  • Finally, click save on the top right to finalize your changes.

Module Storyboard Editor

For some modules, that’s all the setup required. Your app should be ready following another deploy. Other, more involved modules may require further configuration. See the module’s README.md files for more specific information.

Use Cases Modules can be as simple as one page Terms and Conditions Screens, and as complex as you like. There is a healthy and continually expanding library of modules already available on the crowdbotics platform. Have a look at some of these modules to get a sense of what they can offer your future software projects: