Are Crowdbotics mobile apps native apps?

Empowering Cross-Platform App Development with React Native

By default, Crowdbotics apps are not native; they utilize the React Native mobile framework. React Native generates a native codebase, allowing developers to write code for both iOS and Android platforms using JavaScript and React.

Developed by Facebook, React Native enables the creation of truly native applications with interfaces that look and feel native. This "write once, run anywhere" approach streamlines development, ensuring changes reflect in both iOS and Android versions simultaneously.

Crowdbotics, powered by React Native, offers a versatile environment for creating dynamic and responsive mobile apps. Leveraging React Native's extensive library ecosystem features like maps, animations, and social media integration can be easily added.

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, Crowdbotics provides efficient development, rapid prototyping, and seamless deployment for robust cross-platform mobile solutions.

While Crowdbotics apps are not native by default, they harness React Native's power to deliver high-performance, feature-rich mobile experiences for users.