Can I publish my app using my own App Store account?

Find out more about publishing your app to the stores

Yes! You must first meet all criteria, but you can publish anything you build with Crowdbotics on your own. 

You must meet the criteria below before you can initiate an app transfer:

  1. Master Agreement: You must accept the latest version of your master agreement before you can initiate a transfer agreement.
  2. Approved and Deliverable App Version: You can only transfer apps that have at least one approved and deliverable version.
  3. Developer Info Update: You can only transfer apps if your Developer account is set up and any updates to your information have been completed. 
  4. In-App Purchase State: You can only transfer apps with in-app purchases that are in the Ready to Submit, Rejected, Developer Removed from Sale, or Approved state.
  5. Subscriptions: You can only transfer apps containing auto-renewable, free, and non-renewing subscriptions if you have generated an app-specific shared secret (which should be shared with the Buyer). 
  6. Catalyst: Catalyst apps have to be verified.
  7. The app uses Sign In with Apple.
  8. TestFlight Beta Testing: You must remove all builds and testers from the app you want transferred and clear each information field below Test information.