Code Reuse

Find out more about how Crowdbotics is reusing code to save time and make building easier

Crowdbotics is committed to speeding up the time it takes to publish an MVP. One way we can do that is by reusing pieces of code. If your app has a ubiquitous function like push notifications, you will be able to take a shortcut. Instead of writing that code by hand, you can drag and drop a module for notifications, or reuse custom code built on the Crowdbotics platform. 

Crowdbotics now allows you to directly edit code, add blank files, open existing files, swap between files, and when you save as a template, we will bundle all open files and save them in that one module. 

We are also looking to have manifest files for each module so developers can refer to the ReadMe files for details on how to setup/configure the module in the target project.