Crowdbotics Customer Stories: Real-World Success with Innovative Solutions

How Crowdbotics Supports Businesses Across Various Industries

Crowdbotics Helps Drone Express Power the Future of Local Delivery

Drone Express, a pioneer in drone delivery, is collaborating with Crowdbotics to develop a consumer-facing app using the revolutionary CodeOps platform. This app allows users to select products from local stores, track their order, and receive drone deliveries. The integration of reusable code and pre-existing modules enabled rapid development, meeting the evolving needs of Drone Express as it scales.

Crowdbotics Assists Leading Multinational Manufacturer in Modernizing Apps

A global manufacturer faced challenges with its legacy app and needed modernization to support multiple business units and regions. Crowdbotics' CodeOps and modular strategy provided a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution. The revamped app now supports e-commerce, fleet management, and extensive documentation, aiming to significantly boost e-commerce revenue and expand globally.

Crowdbotics Helps Alliance Residential Automate Standardized Ordering

Alliance Residential, a major real estate developer, used Crowdbotics to create an app that streamlines purchasing building materials at pre-negotiated prices. The app enhances efficiency by enabling quick material procurement, projected to generate $70 million in sales in its first year. Crowdbotics' approach provided a cost-effective, secure, and scalable solution tailored to the construction industry's needs.

Crowdbotics Connects ICU Patients with Families Through VoiceLove

VoiceLove, initiated by Drs. Tamatha Fenster and Marc Schiffman during the COVID-19 pandemic, helps ICU patients communicate with loved ones via a walkie-talkie-like system. Crowdbotics developed an app that meets HIPAA regulations, allowing seamless communication and enhancing patient recovery. The app's quick development using reusable code aligns with VoiceLove's mission to combat loneliness and support patient-family connections.