Understanding Your Crowdbotics Subscription: What Happens After Your Build Completion

Navigating Monthly Payments, Hosting, and Continued App Management

In the context of Crowdbotics subscriptions, it's important to clarify what happens once your app build is complete. Here's what you need to know:

Monthly Payments: Our subscription plans are billed annually, but you'll see monthly charges on your statement. These charges ensure continued access to the Crowdbotics platform, where you can manage and host your app seamlessly.

Post-Build Hosting: It's crucial to understand that the subscription fee, whether it's $199 for Pro or $499 for Advanced, primarily covers hosting your application. This fee does not involve any ongoing development work. Even after your project is delivered, you'll still need to host your app to keep it up and running.

App Hosting Importance: Hosting your application is essential for ensuring its availability and accessibility to users. When you host your app, you're essentially making it available on the internet, allowing users to access it from anywhere. Without hosting, your app would be confined to local development environments and inaccessible to the outside world.

In summary, while your Crowdbotics subscription covers app hosting primarily, it's important to continue hosting your app even after your project is completed. This ensures that your app remains live and accessible to your users, providing a seamless and uninterrupted experience.