Tasks, what they're for, and how to create them

Create a new task or ask for help with something from our team members.

Sometimes you need a little help building your project. No problem! At Crowdbotics, we make it as simple as possible to hire our Professional Services team for large or small tasks, right through the Platform. 

On your project’s Dashboard, go to Tasks on the left hand side of your screen. From there you can view existing tasks and add new tasks. Simply add a few details and explain what you’d like to add. Good tasks usually include a user story that describes what is needed and why.

Once you add a new task, you can then view the progress of your task from this screen. You can also edit and/or delete the task or view the task on GitHub from the options on the right hand side:

Now that your task is submitted, you will receive a notification once the task is estimated. Yuo can then approve or dismiss the estimate and our team will begin immediately.

Last, you also have two tabs to choose from when reviewing your Tasks:

1. Milestones

2. Tasks

You can toggle between the two by choosing the desired tab at the top of the Tasks screen. 

Milestones are larger, whole functions or features of the application. For example, "build out a messaging flow within the app" might be broken down into a few tasks.