How is a Blueprint different from a template?

Learn how a Crowdbotics Blueprint provides a foundation for customization that goes well beyond plug-and-play functionality.

Crowdbotics Blueprints are "batteries included" application builds that include UI/UX, hosting, security, updates, and expert developer support. In this narrow respect, they are comparable to conventional app templates that replicate popular applications and require only superficial customization (such as text, color, and images).

However, Blueprints are far more powerful and customizable than app templates found elsewhere. That's why we chose the term "blueprints": in addition to a fully functional foundation of code, they include the infrastructure for you to build your product in any direction you choose.

Backend data models

Crowdbotics Blueprints are built to be deployed in large-scale, mission-critical contexts. To support this level of sophistication, each Blueprint comes with an intuitive backend data modeling tool to help you structure the data your app will collect. To make things even easier, this tool automatically generates APIs that your application's frontend can use to summon data and services from anywhere.

Full code, not low code

Conventional app templates are designed to remove "coding" from the development experience as much as possible. They enable users to tweak interface elements or add buttons, but most of the application's inner workings are walled off behind a proprietary app builder and cannot be edited.

In contrast, Crowdbotics Blueprints grant users the option to customize every component of their app, from data structures to third-party integrations to user flows. You can get as technical as you want, or you can leave all of the development up to our team of experts. Best of all, every change to your Blueprint generates real, deployment-ready code -- and you are the sole owner of every line of code in your Blueprint.


All of our Blueprints are built using our RADstack -- React, APIs, and Django -- to leverage the power of modern development frameworks. As a result, your app will use the same stack used by major commercial high-performance products, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Rapid development

To us, RAD has another meaning: Rapid Application Development. Most of our Blueprint users build additional features on top of their base Blueprints via two methods: managed app development and our self-service app builder.

For those who wish to hire our crowd of experts for custom development, we include 20 free hours of developer work (a $1500 value).

For those with more technical expertise, extending your app is as simple as snapping together backend data models and prebuilt modules (also full-code) that come with our platform. These are transposable from Blueprint to Blueprint, which means that every project on Crowdbotics can quickly take advantage of the same high-quality tools.