How much time will it take to build an app with Crowdbotics?

Custom Development takes time. How much time?

The duration of your project depends on its complexity and initial state, ranging from a few days to a few months for completion. Developing fully functional custom apps from scratch and publishing them on the Apple Store or Google Play Stores typically takes a few months. 


Estimating the timeline for a software development project can be difficult, particularly when you have yet to become familiar with all the aspects of the project fully. Even if you know exactly what you are developing, software development requires a considerable amount of time for problem-solving and exploration. The testing phase of software engineering is equally time-consuming as the programming phase. Meeting deadlines is essential for customer satisfaction, but it is even more crucial to deliver the product with minimal quality problems. 


On our on-demand development model, we encourage the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the first version of your app, within a 90-day timeframe. You can then continue to enhance and improve your app according to the next version's scope or by utilizing our Care Plans. Care Plans allow you to develop your app within a limited monthly budget and make adjustments as you progress. We have tailored this approach based on its proven effectiveness in project development.