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How to Set Up Context Settings in Crowdbotics

Streamlining Organizational Preferences for Efficient PRD Creation

Crowdbotics has introduced a powerful feature called Context Settings, designed to tailor the PRD creation process to your organization's specific needs. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting it up:

  1. Accessing Context Settings:

    • Navigate to the Catalog Page in Crowdbotics.

    • Select the Context Settings tab.

  2. Specifying Company Preferences:

    • Building Preferences for MVP:

      • Enter how your company builds MVPs in the provided text box (up to 2000 characters). For example, "We need product metric tracking using Amplitude."
    • Languages and Frameworks:

      • Choose from the list or add new ones. For example, select React, Django, and type in Node.js if it's not listed.
  3. Creating a New PRD:

    • Go to the New Application section and start a new PRD.
    • You'll see your specified context settings automatically applied.
    • Add additional context or modify existing ones if needed (e.g., "We use Stripe to collect payments").
  4. Reviewing Generated Features and Recommendations:

    • Once the PRD is generated, verify that the features and technical recommendations align with your context settings.
    • For example, if you specified using Stripe, the PRD should include a feature for Stripe integration.

By leveraging Context Settings, organizations can ensure their PRDs are consistently aligned with their development standards, improving both efficiency and output quality. This feature is exclusive to enterprise users, providing a tailored experience for larger teams with specific needs.