Keeping Your Crowdbotics App Dashboard in Sync: Understanding Git Repositories

A Guide to Syncing Changes Locally and in the App Dashboard

Ever wondered what happens when you make changes to your Git repository? Let's dive into syncing and how it affects your Crowdbotics App Dashboard.

Understanding Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics offers a "full-code" experience, meaning we're transparent about your app's code. As you build, every bit of code is pushed to your GitHub repository in real-time.

The Sync Process

When you tweak your app in the Crowdbotics App Dashboard, these changes are immediately reflected in your GitHub repo. It's like having a digital mirror of your app's progress.

Local Tweaks, Global Impact

If you decide to get hands-on with your code locally, that's perfectly fine too. Make changes on your computer, and with a simple sync, they'll seamlessly merge with your App Dashboard updates.

Safety Nets and Best Practices

At Crowdbotics, we're sticklers for best practices. Every change you make is logged in GitHub through commits, ensuring a clear history of your app's evolution. Plus, we enforce pull requests to prevent accidental mishaps.

What to Keep in Mind

While we strive to support all your code tweaks, some changes might not mesh well with our platform's setup. If you run into any hiccups, don't hesitate to reach out to our Professional Services team via the App Dashboard.

Your Support System

Got questions or facing compatibility issues? Our team is here to help! Simply send us an email at