If I localize my git repo, will changes be reflected on my Crowdbotics App Dashboard?

Find out more about syncing and making changes to your code within the App Dashboard and locally.

Crowdbotics is a “full-code” platform. This means we don’t hide any code from you while you're building with us. Code generated by Crowdbotics is pushed to your GitHub repository immediately, along with any subsequent changes made to the code via the Crowdbotics App Dashboard.
We follow contemporary software engineering best practices and all changes are logged to GitHub via commits. We also enforce pull requests on the repository so that a user cannot accidentally overwrite the master branch. Code that you change outside the Dashboard is certainly also supported, but with caveats.
While we do our best to support all the changes that you may make, it is possible that your changes are incompatible with our deployment infrastructure or other functionality within the platform. If you have any issues with your repo, please reach out to our Professional Services team via the App Dashboard. We will work with you to make sure everything is up to snuff.