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Module Options

Learn what Module Options are, and how to use them in your project.

What are Module Options?

Module Options are a new feature from Crowdbotics that enable you to quickly configure specific settings for installed modules in your project. Generally speaking, you use Module Options to set certain values. These values depend on the module you're using, but some examples of values you would use Module Options to set:

  • Set an API url
  • Set custom button and branding text
  • Choose theme options and colors
  • Choose which screen a module should redirect to next


What Modules can I use Module Options with?

In order to use Module Options, you have a module that is configured for Module Options installed. At launch, the following Modules support Module Options, with more on the way soon!

A handful of modules support Module Options, though you won't be able to use edit them from the storyboard just yet. These include:


How do I use Module Options in my project?

If you're ready to try out Module Options, great! To begin, you should already be familiar with how to add modules to your project. Go to the storyboard, and add the App Menu module to your project by dragging it to the canvas and pressing "Save." After that's loaded, you can click on "Properties" to view the App Menu's Module Options:

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 2.33.24 PM

Here, you can see that the App Menu module has been installed on the storyboard, and the fields title and copy are available to edit via this UI.

How Module Options changes are saved to your project

Important! Any changes you make to Module Options will be committed to your project. Be aware of this as you are developing. 

Changes to Frontend code will be pushed to the project's options/options.js folder. This is where all of the project's module options are stored in code. 

Changes to Backend code will be pushed to the project's backend/modules folder. Within this folder, the changes will go within the module's folder for which the options were saved. So if you are adding to the Django Articles Modules, the options changes would take effect at: backend/modules/articles/options.py .