End of Week Report

Here is the EOW Report that each PM is required to send out to each of their projects, every Friday.

Hi  [ Customer Name ] -
Another week has flown by! In an effort to always keep you updated, here is an overview of what has been accomplished on your project this week:
Project Name:
Week of: [ mm/dd/yyyy ]
Current Status: [On-schedule]    [Blocked] [Delayed]
What did we work on this week?
What features were implemented this week?
The importance/ relevancy of the features to the project?
Any blockers?
Is there anything currently blocking development or progress? (Billing, customer communication, feature complexity, etc)
Needs from the customer?
Is there anything required from the customer? (Does the customer need to approved upcoming tasks? Does the customer need to pay a bill? Does the customer need to provide feedback?)
Have any questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out!
Enjoy your weekend ahead!