Who owns the source code and intellectual property of a Crowdbotics application?

When you build with Crowdbotics, you always own the final code – not us! Our standard user agreement assigns you full ownership of any software you create with Crowdbotics by default.

We’ll host your source code for you on Github as long as your paid account is active. You can access it anytime to download a copy, make changes, or just look around. Just click the “Github” link on your product details page.

As a user, you have the ability to see and control who has access to your code repository. Anyone from our side can only access materials through our platform and accounts. All the code is entirely yours, forever. If your app has special privacy/data/chain of custody/ security considerations, we can estimate those into the cost of the app at the scoping stage.

In general, there are four kinds of protections (patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets) for applications. We encourage you to take any relevant steps to make sure the appropriate protections apply, regardless of who you work with.

Finally, the best way to protect any idea is to execute on it. Protections arise automatically one a protected work is created.

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