Crowdbotics Libraries: Simplifying App Development

A User-Friendly Guide to Using Pre-Built Features

Crowdbotics libraries are pre-built, open-source packages that help you add features to your app easily. They come from major public sources like npm and pypi and are essential for building Crowdbotics modules and components.

Key Points About Libraries:

  1. Source and Selection: Crowdbotics scans nearly 500,000 open-source libraries to identify useful ones, as most packages can be noisy. Experienced developers help find the best ones. For instance, searching for “Django Oauth” yields many results, but the right package might be Django-SAML2.
  2. Simplified Usage: Crowdbotics aims to suggest the best package for any problem, making it easier for users to create components quickly.

Using Libraries:

  • Finding and Managing Libraries: In the Crowdbotics App Dashboard, go to "App Settings" and then the "General" tab. Here, users can find, install, or remove libraries.

    app setting-1

  • Version Control: When installing a package, a specific version is added to your app’s setup files to ensure consistency.
  • Automatic Updates: Users can enable automatic updates for libraries to keep them up-to-date using Dependabot.

This system makes it easy for anyone to choose the right tools for app development, even without extensive technical knowledge. The goal is to streamline the development process, saving time and effort.

Summary of Crowdbotics Libraries Features:

  1. Installable Packages: Libraries are open-source packages from npm and pypi.
  2. Curation: Crowdbotics curates these libraries to filter out noise, selecting the best packages with the help of experienced developers.
  3. Discovery: The Libraries page on the Crowdbotics App Dashboard helps users find the right package for any problem.
  4. Management: Users can install, update, and configure packages directly from the dashboard.
  5. Automatic Updates: Features like Dependabot allow for automatic updates of outdated dependencies.

By using Crowdbotics libraries, users can enhance their apps quickly and efficiently, leveraging the best open-source packages available.