What are Modules?

Find out more about Crowdbotics Modules, and when and where to use them.

Modules, or screens, are pre-made installable “building blocks” that cause or enable a functional change in the app. Modules may consist of one or more front end or back end components. You can find these modules in the Storyboard Editor tool on your dashboard. Simply drag and drop a module onto the canvas to add it to your build. You can then link this screen in your GitHub repository to align with Data Models you can create or edit in the Model Editor tool. 


A “Login” module may contain front-end components (Login screen, Signup screen, Forgot Password screen, Account Settings screen, Logout popup, etc.), back-end components, and logic (basic email validation, password complexity requirements, etc.)

Note: Even if a module has no front-end components, it must have a visual representation; a user expects that when they install something there will be a noticeable change to the application's interface or behavior as a result. Examples: new mysql database, cloud storage