What happens to your app if you leave Crowdbotics?

You own your app, and you can leave Crowdbotics at any time.

If you choose to leave Crowdbotics, you have a couple of options.
  1. Turn Off - You can simply turn off your app. 
  2. Export - You can export your code, host it on your own, and develop on your own. This is easy to do with Crowdbotics. Terraform files are included with every app. 
  3. Park It - You can continue to host your app with Crowdbotics for a reduced subscription cost. Crowdbotics will not actively update or maintain the app. You can make access the code via GitHub and make changes on you own at any time. 

Remember, your Crowdbotics Subscription includes all of the following, and canceling your subscription will subsequently turn off these services:

  • Ongoing services guaranteeing the product stays up and running
  • Daily monitoring and updates of your application, from automatic error tracking to security updates
  • Daily backups so your data is always safe
  • Analytics. Find out how many users you got this week.
  • Immediate access to our pool of vetted developers and design experts for custom work
  • Access to our library of Crowdbotics Blueprints
  • App hosting
  • Security
  • Your dedicated product manager
  • Your dedicated Customer Success Manager


If you do decide to discontinue your Crowdbotics subscription, you will need to provide the above to support your app on your own, and these services can easily stack up to more than the monthly Crowdbotics subscription. 

Github: $20/month
Amazon S3: $5/month and up
PostgreSQL: $10/month up to $100/month
Heroku: $25/month and up
PM and Build support services: $500/month to maintain a team

TOTAL on your own: $560 and up