What is a blueprint?

Find out more about Crowdbotics Blueprints, what they are, and how to use them.

At Crowdbotics, we provide our users with custom Blueprints for use in their builds. Blueprints are templates of common app types and functionalities (Dating, Delivery, Taxi, etc.) that provide a basis to jumpstart a customer’s app. These templates include UI/UX, custom data models, hosting, security, updates, and expert developer support – everything you need to launch and grow your application from the ground up.

Blueprints are fully functional out of the box and can be launched to market with minimal customization. They are robust enough to handle mission-critical challenges in enterprise-scale environments, but they also act as convenient one-click app solutions for small business owners. Users who purchase a Blueprint will own that Blueprint's underlying code and are free to modify it as they desire.

If you want to get your app to market as quickly as possible, you can purchase a Blueprint via the Crowdbotics Marketplace.

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