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What is GPT-3 and how does it work?

Learn more about GPT-3 and how we use it at Crowdbotics

The GPT in GPT-3 stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer." This is the third iteration of the model, and the whole point of it is to produce text that sounds natural to humans. For example, GPT-3 can write news articles that sound like they were written by real people.

Crowdbotics is using GPT-3 to bridge the gap between natural language descriptions of a function of an application and the code needed to make it work. If we can make building software as simple as describing the way you're envisioning it in your head, we can truly open up the world of app-building to anyone and everyone. We're not quite there yet, but the engineering team here at Crowdbotics is excited to see what can be done with the updated capabilities of the GPT-3 model, and you'll see this reflected in our product. 

We’re taking our time identifying these use cases within our own product, and we’re optimistic that GPT-3 will unlock new avenues for functionality that enhance our users’ experience. Even if its disruptive power falls short of our expectations, it’s clear that GPT-3 marks a huge step forward in our ability to integrate AI into human interfaces.

Here’s an example of GPT-3 creating a data model for handling PayPal payments in the Crowdbotics Model Builder:

As you can see, the tool accepts a prompt in conversational English: “model for handling payment with PayPal.” The model that it generates is a functional Django app with preconfigured field types.

Using the built-in functionality of the Crowdbotics Model Builder, this model can be added to your app with a click and manipulated via our visual interface. It’s also automatically synced to your GitHub repository, and it generates API documentation automatically.

Find out more about GPT-3 here.