What is the Admin Panel?

Find out more about the Crowdbotics Admin Panel included with your build

The admin panel is included with your build and can be found on your App Dashboard. It exists in order to give you control over your app once it's built. 

Start by creating your backend data models, admin, and APIs, and adding them to the admin panel.  The backend will serve as the main first deliverable and makes for good demos. You can do this all yourself, without a developer.  You can build the entire backend in just an hour or two if you have already planned the app out: you’re just clicking in data entry.
Once you’ve uploaded your models, you're ready to click deploy, then head over to the Admin Panel for the app. Remember, credentials get emailed to the app creator, but you can change them once you go into the app admin panel.
Your app is now live with a working backend and a temporary frontend. You have the following three things available:
  • Admin panel containing all the models you created
  • Basic web views for all the models you created
  • User registration, user login, password resets
  • APIs for each model you created
Understanding the Admin Panel
Your admin panel has a lot of handy builtin features. Here’s what you can do out of the box:
  • Add and remove users.
  • Reset passwords.
  • Define which users has access to the admin panel (click the staff checkbox on a user’s account in the users list and save to give someone access.)
  • Create user groups. (click on Groups, or click on a user and click + to create a group.)
  • Define which user groups have which permissions to access which models.
  • View all database objects that you’ve created.
  • Add and remove database objects individually.
 It’s always speedy to add or remove things to the admin, so we recommend using this as the main way to admin your database.
Take a look at this video for more help: