What is the Code Editor?

Learn more about editing the codebase directly through the platform

You can now access and edit your codebase directly through the platform. While all changes made to your project are always reflected in the GitHub repository automatically generated for every CB app, it's now even easier to access that code. 


To access your code from the Code Editor, you must first connect your GitHub account and then accept the invitation. To connect your account, you can go to your profile by selecting the icon in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. From there, select "View Profile."

From the profile screen, you can select "Connect" next to GitHub.

Once you do this, you will receive an email invitation, and you will need to accept the invite to the repository. 


To get to the Code Editor, hover over any module in the Storyboard Tool and select "Layout." From the Layout Editor, you can tab over to the Code Editor by selecting the "Editor" tab at the top. 

The Code Editor allows you to edit or review the code for any Module added to your build, including blank screens added through the Storyboard Tool. All changes made to the code from the Code Editor reflect in the previewer next to the code and save to your GitHub repository.