What is the Settings page?

Learn about the different features available within the App Builder settings page.

The Crowdbotics App Builder platform’s Settings page is accessible from the left-hand menu of the App Builder dashboard. The Settings page gives developers the ability to access all backend functionality of the app, including various APIs, the admin panel, and the generated code from layout editor builds. Along with accessing this information, developers can further customize the backend functionality of their application.


The Settings page automatically opens under the General tab. Here, you can view the name of the app and insert a custom domain for accessing the app. If you are the app owner, clicking "Create" under the Admin Panel Credentials section will generate a username and password that you can use to access the admin panel.

Environment Variables

The second tab at the top of the Settings page is the Environment Variables tab. Environment variables influence the environment in which the app runs because the values of these variables are available to the code during deployment. Your initial project will create the “GITHUB_SECRET” environment variable by default.

The Crowdbotics dashboard allows you to view and access your environment variables, but you can’t manage or add new variables before deploying your app.


The Libraries tab allows you to search for and install different libraries that are relevant for your app’s functionality.

Right-hand Panel

In the rightmost panel under the "General" tab of the Settings page, you will see several different external links that you can look at for your app. Along with viewing a preview of your app on an external page, you can directly view the GitHub repository for your app. Making further customizations to your code within that repository will update the preview that is generated on your app status page.

The API Docs button allows you to view the different APIs for the data models that the app is using, and the Admin Panel button allows you to access either the original or customized admin panel.

If you would like further guidance on the Crowdbotics Settings and Admin Panel, reference the Crowdbotics Admin & Settings Walkthrough or post specific questions to the developer forum.