What is the App Settings page?

Exploring App Settings in Crowdbotics

The App Settings page in the Crowdbotics App Builder platform, located conveniently on the left side of your project's dashboard, is your gateway to backend customization and management. Let's delve into the various features available within this essential section:

app setting-1

General Tab: The General tab provides an overview of your app's core details. Here, you can view and modify the app's name, icon, and backend cloud provider settings. Additionally, you'll find options to delete the app and manage libraries for installing public modules.


API Tab: Under the API tab, you'll find separate sections for Staging and Production environments. This feature is particularly useful for projects deployed across multiple environments, such as testing and production. You can configure custom domains for accessing the app and manage admin panel credentials effortlessly.


In the Environment Variables section, you can manage environment variables that influence your app's runtime environment. Although initial projects come with default variables like "GITHUB_SECRET," you can't add or modify variables until app deployment.

Additionally, you'll find options to delete the database, providing flexibility in managing your app's data storage.

App Store Connect and Google Play Console Tabs: For mobile apps published under Crowdbotics' Apple and Android accounts, the App Store Connect and Google Play Console tabs offer convenient access to manage store details. From updating app metadata to configuring store settings, you have full control over your app's presence on both platforms.



External Links and Resources: On the right-hand panel, you'll find external links and resources to streamline your app development journey. These include preview links for your app, direct access to the GitHub repository, API documentation, and admin panel customization options.



With the App Settings page, Crowdbotics empowers developers to fine-tune their apps' backend functionality and streamline their deployment process seamlessly. Explore the myriad of features available and unleash the full potential of your app-building journey.