What do I need to provide to start building my project?

Looking to start your Crowdbotics journey? Let's explore some great ways to get going!

When it comes to starting your project with Crowdbotics, you don't need to worry about how much information you have at hand. While having more information is always beneficial, Crowdbotics is well-prepared to guide you through dissecting your idea and transforming it into actual features and designs in your PRD. Our team is dedicated to offering you the most suitable technical solutions for your project.


Before speaking with our team of experts, here are three valuable tips to help you create your first app:

  • If you want to create a great app, here's some advice: keep it simple! Instead of cramming in every possible feature, focus on the essential ones. This way, you won't get overwhelmed or stuck. It's like when you're learning mechanics - you wouldn't start by building a whole car right away, would you? You'd start with something simple, like a skateboard. Once you've got a basic version of your app, put it up on the app store and listen to what users have to say. Their feedback will help you figure out which features are worth investing in. From there, you can gradually add more features and improve your app. Remember, the key to success is keeping things simple!
  • The next tip is that if you do any marketing, you're already ahead of 95% of all independent developers. This gives you a significant advantage in the app stores, making it worth your time.
  • Finally, do it. It's easier than you imagine.


During a scoping call with our team of experts, you can discuss all the details, clarify the scope, and get budget and timeline estimates for developing your app. If you'd like to come prepared for the scoping call, check out our article How to Prepare for a Scoping Call: A Comprehensive Guide.