What information do I need to provide in order to start my build?

Find out how to get started with Crowdbotics

In short, you can start building with Crowdbotics regardless of how much you come in with. 

The more you have, the faster you can produce your app, but Crowdbotics is prepared to help you break down your idea into actual features and designs. 

Regardless of your technical expertise, you can create a fully functional app with Crowdbotics. If you’re having trouble translating your idea to paper, you can start with storyboarding your app on the Crowdbotics Dashboard (more on the Storyboard Tool here). Another often useful exercise is to draft what’s called a tech spec and a user story document. These detailed written plans can make the building process a little more smooth. If you need to put that together, here’s a helpful post.

Whether you have fully fleshed design docs or just an idea, a good starting point with Crowdbotics is definitely the Storyboard Tool. From here you can get to work immediately by laying out the functionality of your screens.

In general, the more you come in with, the easier it is to start. You can shape up and lay out your idea as an app from the Crowdbotics Dashboard, but you'll still want to think through the business side and usability of your product. Who will be using this product? Is it optimized for my users? What's the simplest version of this product that's still valuable to my users?