Understanding the Crowdbotics App Dashboard

Navigating Tools and Features for Efficient App Management

The Crowdbotics App Dashboard is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline app development and management processes. Let's explore its key components:

Left Navigation Panel:


  • Crowdbotics-Logo-Pos-Black-RGB (1)-1: Return to the main dashboard.
  • <App Name>: View and select different apps.
  • Planning: Access the planning screen for PRD management.
  • Status: Monitor app status and performance.
  • Studio: Utilize app development tools and features.
  • App Settings: Configure app settings and preferences.
  • Team Members: Manage team members and permissions.
  • Tasks: Access project management tools for task tracking.
  • Change Plan: Allows you to change your plan.

Status Screen:

  • Build Status: Displays the current state of your app: Internal, TestFlight, App Store, or Production.
  • App Activity: Provides a detailed log of all activity, pull requests, and commits for the selected app.

Studio Screen:

  • Module Installation: Quickly add modules from the catalog to your application.
  • API Connection: Easily browse and install necessary API connectors from a comprehensive list.
  • Data Model Visualization: Understand and modify your app's data models visually.
  • Visual Canvas: Experiment with UI elements and backend connections using a visual format.
  • Idea Sharing: Share your product ideas and join the research panel to provide feedback.

Warning: The tools on this page make direct changes to your application. For safer exploration, we recommend using a test app initially. Monitor all changes through commits visible on the Status page and on GitHub.

For further details and guidance on the Studio Screen features, explore additional information here.


App Settings Screen:

  • General Tab: Manage app name, icon, code privacy, backend cloud provider, and libraries.
  • API Tab: Update deployment branch, custom domain, backend cloud provider, connected services, and environment variables.
  • App Store Connect Tab: Set and change iOS settings.
  • Google Play Console Tab: Set and change Android settings.
  • Quick Links Section: Access code, share project, view app, API docs, and manage app databases.

For further details and guidance on the App Settings Screen features, explore additional information here.

app setting-1

Team Members Screen:

  • Members Tab: Search for team members, invite new members, and manage permissions.
  • Performance Tab: View GitHub commits and lines of code committed.

For more information and guidance on removing access for a team member, please refer to the relevant section here.

Project Management Screen (Tasks):

  • Overview Tab: Set project info, goals, objectives, and attachments.
  • Milestone Statuses: Monitor development milestones including In Development, Needs Approval, Delivered, and Timeline.
  • Documents: Access project documents and useful links.

Top Right Header Bar:

  • Create App: Begin building your app from scratch.
  • Notifications: Stay updated on important notifications.
  • Talk to Sales: Connect with our sales team for assistance.
  • Help & Support: Access support resources for guidance.
  • Profile: Manage your account settings and preferences.